Graphic display of the Kansas Comprehensive System of Personnel Development Team Goals of:  1) Needs Assessment and Analysis, 2) Analysis and Dissemination, 3) Linking Preservice and Inservice, and 4) Evaluation.  These four goals lead to the Kansas Comprehensive System of Personnel Development Plan. Adults having meeting

Team Goals June 2014 to June 2015

GOAL 1. Develop and conduct an interdisciplinary needs assessment of preservice programs, including administrators, to better understand what is happening now and what needs to happen to build the competence of teachers, related services providers, administrators, child care personnel etc. specific to young children, including children with disabilities.

Goals/Objectives Strategy Persons Responsible Timeline Completion Evaluation

Objective 1.1

Draft a version of the survey, gather feedback, edit
Draft Survey

Stephanie Parks,
Eva Horn,
Dave Lindeman,

Start 6/6/14 6/20/14 Draft complete

Objective 1.2

Finalize IHE Interdisciplinary survey
Send to SPT & stakeholders for feedback Stephanie Parks,
SPT, Stakeholders
Start 6/20/14 8/22/14 Final version

Objective 1.3

Obtain email contacts from 56 IHEs in Kansas across disciplines
Web-search & call programs Dave Lindeman Start 7/14 8/14 Email list complete

Objective 1.4

Obtain IRB approval for survey
Submit IRB

Stephanie Parks,
Eva Horn,
Dave Lindeman

Start 7/14 8/14 IRB

Objective 1.5

Format survey for online distribution using Qualtrics
Format survey Stephanie Parks Start 8/22/14 8/26/14 Survey formatted in Qualtrics

Objective 1.6

Launch survey online to IHE faculty
Send out survey Stephanie Parks,
Dave Lindeman
Start upon IRB Approval 9/26/14 Survey data is collected & survey closed


GOAL 2. Describe shared competencies to address the needs identified in the early childhood field.

Goals/Objectives Strategy Persons Responsible Timeline Completion Evaluation

Objective 2.1

Analyze survey results and summarize to present findings to SPT
Data analysis Stephanie Parks,
Eva Horn,
Dave & Data analysis team
10/1/14 10/17/14 Summary complete

Objective 2.2

Disseminate key findings and shared competencies to stakeholders throughout the state (CSPD SPT, Regional Advisory Council, CEC-TED conference)


Written brief


SPT 10/17/14 11/21/14



Written brief


Objective 2.3

Develop work group to address needs identified in the EC workforce prep / field in Kansas

Meet to develop plan to address needs

Work group




Provided to SPT


GOAL 3. Identify potential opportunities to link preservice and inservice to address shared competencies across the state

Goals/Objectives Strategy Persons Responsible Timeline Completion Evaluation

Objective 3.1

SPT will develop strategic plan based on recommendations (i.e. interdisciplinary preservice – inservice conference, opportunities to collaborate, alignment of curriculum and PD content, curriculum mapping, etc.)
Strategic planning

Stephanie Parks,

1/30/15 2/27/15 Develop strategic plan

Objective 3.2

Identify supports needed to carry out 3.1

List of partners, funding sources, etc.

SPT 1/30/15 2/27/15 Supports identified

Objective 3.3

Determine potential team to carry out plan

Meet to generate list of team
members needed to carry out
Work group 2/27/15 3/31/15 Team established

Objective 3.4

Execute plan and establish ongoing plan for implementation

  • Interdisciplinary EC Higher Education Summit
Ongoing Work group 3/31/15 6/29/15 Plan executed


GOAL 4. Explore potential strategies and timelines for developing a comprehensive evaluation plan of our CSPD

Goals/Objectives Strategy Persons Responsible Timeline Completion Evaluation

Objective 4.1

Explore scope of work for developing CSPD Evaluation Plan and recruit work group members.

Document Review

(ECTA / ECPC Evaluation
Sub-Component Framework)
Strategic Planning Team 10/1/14 10/17/14 Work Group Established

Objective 4.2

Identify the questions that should be answered by the evaluation process per CSPD sub-component.

Discussion and
document review


Work Group:

Dave Lindeman,

Chelie Nelson,

Gayle Stuber,

Sarah Walters,

Kathy Johnson,

Stephanie Parks


List of questions

Objective 4.3

Delineate potential data sources or measures that can be used within the CSPD evaluation plan
Discussion, web searches,
and document review

Evaluation Work Group

11/1/14 1/30/15 Generate lists of data sources

Objective 4.4

Develop evaluation plan draft including potential ongoing needs assessments, data sources, and committees or existing groups that might be involved.
Strategic Planning


Work Group
1/30/15 4/31/15 Draft of CSPD Evaluation Plan

Objective 4.5

Finalize CSPD evaluation plan

Present to SPT, discussion,
and edits
Full Strategic Planning Group 5/1/15 6/31/15 Final Evaluation Plan