Future Plans

CSPD Component Task/Goal Who By When
Future Plans for CPSD Improvements in Kansas

Leadership, Coordination,
and Sustainability

Call CSPD Team together to meet quarterly to continue the CSPD work KITS/Part C tiny-k leadership

Oct. 2015

Feb 2016

June 2106

Evaluation Execute 3 data analysis from CSPD Evaluation plan for review by CSPD Team CSPD Team Oct. 2015
Recruitment and Retention Add new Part C tiny-k programs to KEEB to advertise job positions Sarah Walters  & Julie Wilson Oct. 2015
Inservice/TA Conduct ongoing needs assessments for Part C and B, 619 Part C & B, 619 Coordinators

June 2016 &

Preservice & Inservice Interdisciplinary Webinar – What is Part C?  CSPD Team will help facilitate June 2016
Preservice & Inservice Collaborate to design courses – What do OTs do? Policies, organizations, inclusion [receive certificate for their PD plan – low cost, high quality] KCCTO & KITS June 2016
Inservice KDEC & KAEYC Joint Board Meeting CSPD Team Oct 2016
Inservice Part B, 619 Interdisciplinary across state webinars for CEU credit for SLPs, OT, and PT CSPD Team facilitate Oct 2016